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In it, I send out a weekly list of bullet points that I found inspiring, enlightening, interesting, or merely funny. The topics are dance, other art-forms, running a business as an artist and sometimes recommendations about books to read or snippets from my upcoming work. I will also reach out and ask for your opinions to see which topics to cover next. What I will not do is send out all the information you already get via my blog and social media. The Readers Group is as an exclusive addition for people who want to dig deeper into their artist journey or follow my work as close as possible.

As a thank you for joining the email list, you will receive a download link to my PDF Publication "7 Questions To Ask Every Move" for free. It covers the basic principles of working with dance moves to reach more freedom in your dance.

See you in a minute, on the other side of this registration form. Don't forget to whitelist "" in your email-client to make sure my mails don't go to the spam folder.
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Below you find some checkboxes that are required due to data protection laws in the EU. If you do not check them I am not legally allowed to use emails to send you the infos according to them. To be honest, this would greatly reduce the value of these emails for both of us. As an example: If you do not check Products & Publications I could not mention upcoming book releases or movies. Without Events & Workshops, I can not send info about me teaching or organizing events. In my opinion that would not help both of us. The "Interest Tracking" checkbox does not limit the possibilities of things I can send you, but it would enable me to track which content is most interesting for you by seeing which links you click on my emails. Feel free to leave this one unchecked.

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